About the Author

John P. Richardson photoJOHN P. RICHARDSON divided a 45-year career between the non-profit world and the U.S. government, focusing on the Palestine problem and the Muslim World. A graduate of Williams College with an M.A. from George Washington University, he was President of American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) and the Center for Middle East Policy. Later, as an officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, he served in Pakistan, Jordan, and Indonesia before retiring in 2005.

Mr. Richardson is Secretary of the Association of Oldest Inhabitants of Washington, D.C. (AOI) and a director of ANERA.  He is a member of the Historical Society of Washington and the Cosmos Club, and he is past president of the Arlington Historical Society.

Mr. Richardson is the author of The West Bank: A Portrait (1984) and contributed a chapter to Recent Studies in Modern Armenian History (1972).

He is married and lives in Arlington, Virginia.

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